Build A Problem Deluxe (ALOSIA) LP Merch Bundle


Build A Problem is an album of processing. I build problems – I was the problem that was built. It explores my hugest emotions; from the dark depths of bad brain to the giggly, performative nonchalance of feeling broken. Build A Problem is full of feeling, full of soaring strings, thick harmonies, honesty, vulnerability and therapy.

Thank you for being here!
dodie <3

Build A Problem Deluxe Vinyl merch bundle includes

1 x Deluxe (ALOSIA) Vinyl
1 x Standard CD

And YOUR choice of either 1 of the tees on offer.

Build A Problem (ALOSIA Deluxe) Tracklisting

Disc 1
1. Air So Sweet
2. Hate Myself
3. I Kissed Someone (It Wasn’t You)
4. Cool Girl
5. Special Girl
6. Rainbow
7. ?
8. Four Tequilas Down
9. .
10. Sorry
11. When
12. Before The Line
13. Guiltless (BONUS)
14. Boys Like You (BONUS)

Disc 2
1. bored like me (demo)
2. let go (demo)
3. bite back (demo)
4. one last time, please (demo)
5. all my daughters (demo)
6. anything (demo)
7. in the bed (demo)
8. don’t quite belong (demo)

To make every effort to reduce plastic usage the products in this bundle will be shipped without plastic shrink wrap. When possible each of the packagings is manufactured using 100% recycled card and printed with eco inks.

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